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DWTS Finale: A Fun Season

The show was over, champion crowned. Once again America didn’t vote for the best technical dancer (last time that happened was when Mario Lopez lost to Emmitt Smith). This time however I’m not even sure Helio was the most improved, but that doesn’t matter any more. It was a great season with lots of quality dances, tons of drama, and tremendous fun. Continue reading

DWTS Week 7: Two Dances

Everyone is doing two dances this week, one ballroom and one latin. When you have twice as much dance to learn in the same amount of time, the average quality of each dance is bound to suffer a little. I think that was what happened tonight. With the exception of one or two dances.

  • I really, really liked Mel B’s Paso, more than I liked Sabrina’s Paso that got 30. It was very well choreographed. The perfect score was what I would give too. Continue reading

DWTS Week 6 Results: The Bizarre

I almost decided to skip tonight’s post. This is the most bizarre night I’ve ever seen. Is Halloween around the corner?

It went like this: Jane was safe. Surprise. Marie was safe. Another surprise. Sabrina in bottom two. Couldn’t believe it.

Then boom!

Sabrina was done.

It was so shocking that even Tom Bergeron lost his wit and couldn’t find anything better to say than “I’ve picked you in the finals”. When he said something that lame you knew it was bad.

I’m at loss for words too. See you next week.

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DWTS Week 6: Mel B

The Surprises

I can’t believe I’m saying this: I have just seen the best Rumba by a celebrity on Dancing with the Stars ever! It caught my attention right from the beginning move. It was so authentic. The dance was much better than their Samba last week because it was so technically sound. I’m really impressed by Mel B now. Continue reading

DWTS Week 5: Latin Night

Samba and Rumba. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Let’s get right to the important stuffs:

  • I think everyone got a big scare when Marie dropped to the floor the way she did. Thank goodness it didn’t turn out as bad as it looked. This reminds me of what happened to Jessie on last season’s So You Think You Can Dance. The show producers are not gonna like this kind of things.
    You gotta hand it to Tom Bergeron though for still being able to fill in some humor when he commented that in movies it was romantic to swoon and on live TV it scared the hell out of him. Talking about speaking from the heart.
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DWTS Week 4 Results: Wade Robson

What an artist he is. The lighting, music, costume, staging, choreography, everything was so intriguing. He “creates” dances like nobody else. 

(If you like his choreographies like I do, I have a collection of best So You Think You Can Dance dance videos that have some of his best work for that show).

And this is the first time I see Wade dance. He seems to be a really good dancer, but having seen all 3 seasons of his work on So You Think You Can Dance, I think it’s safe to say however good dancer he is, he’s a much better choreographer, if not a genious one.

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DWTS Week 4: The Judges

  • What’s up with those judges tonight? All of a sudden Carrie Ann got into an anti-lift obsession. And once again they seemed to be determined to single out Sabrina as the front runner, as if we didn’t already get. That Paso Doble was great but not perfect.
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DWTS Week 3 Results: Bye Bye Drew

  • I had no idea Samantha Harris was coming back next week when I wrote last night that “Drew Lachey should be next season’s host if the decision were made based on merit”. I thought he was filling in for the season and Samantha was coming back for the next… oh well.
  • I like Jennie and Derek’s Argentine Tango more now having seen it for the second time. Also it’s interesting that some couple did the International Tango while some did the Argentine version. Wonder if ABC decided it or the pros did.
  • Wasn’t it funny that the lowest scoring female celebrity on Monday night still got higher score than the highest scoring male celeb? Soon this will be a no men’s land… no men’s left… Continue reading

DWTS Week 3: Music, Host, and more

Random thoughts:

  • Music selection seems to have improved this season. For dramatic dances like Tango and Paso Doble, good music is extremely important because it can effectively mask the weakness of the dancer and make their dancing *look* more dramatic than they actually are.
  • Drew Lachey should be next season’s host, if the decision were made based on merit. Continue reading

DWTS Week 2: Cuban

Injustice #1:

Helio had little to none hip action. The choreography covered that up really well so it didn’t show. He got 27 the highest of the night which was very undeserving in my opinion.

Injustice #2:

Mark Cuban was decent in his Mambo. I thought of the three men dancing Mambo his upper body action was at least the second best. And his footwork was pretty good too. Continue reading

DWTS Season 5 Opener, the Men

Two things I didn’t expect to happen happened tonight:

1. Mark Cuban is better than I thought.
I like how he said he’s doing this for his little daughter.

2. Helio Castroneves is way better than I thought.
Before the show I was saying to my hubby that a race car driver would have nothing but upper body strength, when lower body is probably the more important portion in dancing. It turns out that Continue reading

DWTS Season 5 Opener, The Women

Three things I liked the most about Monday’s opening night show:

1. Co-host is no longer Samantha Harris (I don’t dislike her but she’s just not been a very good co-host). Instead it’s Drew Lachey which I think played off Tom very well. The Len’s assessment joke came very natural and cracked me up. He also related better with the celebrity dancers, being a former contestant himself, as a result asked more sensible questions. Continue reading